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What to do in a POLICE interview

“I do not wish to say anything at this stage”

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Questioning and statements

As a general rule, in the absence of good reason, a person should not make any statement or admission about any offence to police or to any other person without proper legal advice.

In the majority of cases, the material that convicts people is the evidence of their own admissions to police.

There will be times, however, when it will be in the interests of the accused to answer questions or make a statement. For example, if a client instructs a lawyer that in a case of theft the accused had the consent of the owner (except in the case of a motor vehicle, boat or aircraft) or had no intent to deprive the owner permanently, then the police should be told.

Police Interview

People tend to misunderstand Police interviews.

  • The aim of a Police interview is to obtain admissible evidence to prosecute you;
  • Sometimes the only evidence against you is what you said
  • Any conversation with the police can be used in evidence.
  • If you make a statement, police may charge you on the basis of what you say in it.

Definition of marriage in Australia could potentially violate international law!

The legal definition of marriage in Australia could potentially violate international law! Access to justice is a critical issue and justice system  must cater to changing socio-economic and cultural needs of people.

Is polygamy permitted? Is an overseas marriage valid in Australia?

How do we respond to indigenous and Muslim women living (including some other cultures) in polygamous relationships, according to their traditional, cultural and religious practices?

What are the social and legal developments in Australia. The Family Court has jurisdiction with respect to void Australian marriages, including marriages void as polygamous under s 23(1)(a).



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